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The Indwelling of Christ

Originally published on The Bible Echo, October 1, 1893, pg. 499; THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF CHRIST IS THE RECEPTION OF HIM IN THE HEART. When He who is the power of God, is enthroned in man, the power is there also, but to be used only by his direction, and under his absolute control…

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Word of God

The Power of God’s Word

Originally published on The Bible Echo, September 1, 1892, pg. 264

It is interesting at times to analyze the statements we read in the Word of God, because by so doing we discover a depth or meaning in them which is not revealed by a casual reading. For instance, we read, “The Word of GOD is quick and powerful.” Heb. 4:12. THIS CARRIES LITTLE CONVICTION WITH IT UNLESS ONE STOPS TO PONDER ITS INTENT…

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