Project Idea: Crowdfunding platform for OTG Seventh-day Adventists. 

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Below is a list of my initial ideas about a crowdfunding Project for OTG community. I’m still learning about crowdfunding; Maybe there is something already in the works that we can adopt…..

Name: OTG Go Fund( 

(“Go” as in “Go ye therefore…”-Matthew 28:29; name to be determined but used for description below*)

“Imagine a world where any “qualified” OTG Adventist anywhere in the world can connect to a powerful network of resources and have access to immediate and adequate funds to accomplish the Lord’s work.”


  1. To create a crowdfunding for nonprofits similar to GlobalGivingCauseVox, or CrowdRise to help facilitate OTG Adventists around the world to raise money using an online platform.
  2. Provide a platform for nonprofit organizations to connect with their donors and their respective charitable projects.
  3. Create a powerful campaign platform for all qualified charitable organizations, including schools, churches, independent ministries, etc; to raise funds for their respective projects,  
  4. Create a wide variety of charitable, tax-deductible donation opportunities for everyone. is a peer-to-peer nonprofit funding platform. They provide tax deductible receipts for Indiegogo and other Crowdfunding platforms working with nonprofit.

Some popular crowdfunding sites: KickstarterIndiegogo, GoFundMe and Crowdfunder

Business Model


How does it work?

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.12.30 PM.png

A typical crowdfunding campaign features:

Campaign types:

About “all or nothing” funding and it’s advantages:

Payment Processing/Processing Fees:

For example, Kickstarter uses Amazon Payments as their 3rd party payments platform. If a campaign is successful, Kickstarter takes 5% from the total funds and Amazon Payments takes 3-5%. This means once a campaign is complete, creators receive only 90% – 94% of the total funds raised, so the Creator’s should be aware to set their fundraising goal accordingly., gives 100% of funds to the Creator.

For Backers:

Staff Mentor:

Other Concerns:


Developing the platform-Scalable Architecture

White-label options/plugins

WordPress Themes for a Crowdfunding Platform

White-Label Crowdfunding Platforms

Open Source Crowdfunding Platforms

Self Starter

Catarse: Catarse is an open source crowdfunding platform that was created in Brazil.

Creating partnerships with existing organization-church and other nonprofit entities.

Connecting to existing networks or organizing Field Partners*

Payment solutions, payment gateways, etc (as an example).

Integrating third-party solutions.

Verification of Funds

Fund Disbursement


Attracting projects/campaigns and helping them reach their goals

Fraud Protection-Campaign Screening

Legal Advise/License/Fees

Tax considerations:

Substantial Nexus” and “click-through nexus” -Not sure how this will apply to crowdfunding platforms.

For a state to have jurisdiction over an out-of-state seller, the seller must meet the state’s statutory requirements for “doing business” or being a “vendor” in the state, and the out-of-state seller’s activities must have a “substantial nexus” with the taxing state.

More Info: