Is Ellen White the Author of “My Journey to Life”?


I came across a post on the “Official Advent Defense League Training and Discussion Group” from Facebook, misattributing Ellen White as being the author of a couple statements concerning trinity taken from the booklet entitled, “My Journey to Life, Step 8-The Three Person Godhead”.

You can find the post here:…/adve…/posts/3243410459261394/

The group might be private but I’ve attached the screenshot of the post below.

Apparently, Ellen White Estate has recently put out a series of 12 booklets entitled, “My Journey to Life”. These booklets are designed to give a brief summary of various Adventist doctrines. Unfortunately, these booklets are being hosted on the official Ellen White website giving references to Ellen G. White as the author when she is clear not.

You can find the links to the booklets here:

If you click the “DETAILS” hyperlink from the above link for each of the booklet entitled My Journey to Life, Ellen White is listed as the author for each of the booklet giving the unsuspecting reader a false impression. 😢 Not sure if this was a deliberate intention by the EGW Estate, but this is clearly a terrible mistake and they should fix it!

See screenshot of one of the DETAILS page attached below:


After the publishing of this article, several individuals within the non-trinitarian community has contacted the Ellen White Estate requesting to make the corrections and fortunately, the White Estate has responded rather quickly and made the corrections; they changed the author from “Ellen Gould White” to “Ellen G. White Estate”. You can now see the corrected author attribution to the My Journey to Life series on the White Estate website:

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Chapman Letter

Many Trinitarian Adventists have quoted various statements taken out of context from what Ellen White had written in order to discredit the non-trinitarian views of the Holy Spirit and to dissuade any inquiry into the subject matter. Among the various statements that are often quoted are taken from a letter Ellen White had written to Brother Chapman from Petoskey, Michigan, on June 11, 1891 and is generally referred to as the “Chapman Letter.”

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Altered Statements

Some (primarily coming from non-trinitarian Seventh-day Adventist community) suspect that there has been a deliberate and sinister plot perpetrated by the Ellen White Estate to alter the writings of Ellen White in an attempt to make her writings appear more inline with the church’s current theology, namely, the Trinitarian belief.

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  1. hi, i dont know any such book written by ellen white, infact it sounds like books of the new age order. anyway i need more insight. nowaday anybody wanting to be a quick seller opts to use the name ellen for quick business. unless proovd otherwise.

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