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Allowing Inspiration to Explain Inspiration on the Third Person of the Godhead by Marcos C. Thaler

Angel Studies with Daniel Mesa

Are We Missing Something Here? — Introduction to the Godhead and the Holy Spirit by Bruce Bivens

Arius Writings-Compiled by Paul Chung

Benjamin G. Wilkinson’s Letter to Dr. D. S. Teters-1936 “Replying to your letter of October 13 regarding the doctrine of Trinity, I will say that Seventh-day Adventists do not and never have accepted the dark, mysterious Catholic doctrine of the Trinity. I refer to their doctrine in which they say that the Godhead consists of three personalities and one essence.”

Book Review: Coming of the Comforter-Review and Comments by Lester Atkins

Breckinridge Sunday Bill 1890 ( Attached to this Sunday law bills was another ‘religious’ law concerning the Trinity; see highlighted portions on pdf pg. 1, 9, 54, 56)

Common Bible Questions and Answers on the Godhead, Compiled by Nader Mansour & Imad Awde

Deconstructing the three-in-one god doctrine thought process by The Rock Fortress Ministries 

Did A. G. Daniels Apostatize? by Sami L Wilberforce

Did Christ Raise Himself? Answering Dr. Phil Mills by Phillip Triebskorn

Did Ellen G. White Change from Non-Trinitarian to Trinitarian? By Blair Andrew

Early Christian Writings-New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Etc.

Ellen White, 1888, and the “Christian Connexion” by Brendan Valiant

Ellen White’s Baptism by Ener Cabangis

Ellen G. White ‘s Understanding of Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: A Chronological Study by Cory Wetterlin — Andrews University Seminary Student Journal

Elohim: Plural or Singular? by Nehemia Gordon (non-Adventist)

Everlasting Covenant and the Pre-Existence of Christ-From When Did They Exist? Compilation of Spirit of Prophecy by Ryan Tacklin

Half the Story-Why Covenant Sonship Rests On Ontological Sonship-A Pre-publication Review of Ty Gibson’s ‘The Sonship of Christ’ through a series of emails and a prequel to ‘Trialogue’ by Brendan Valiant

Is God a Liar? Does God Have a Son? by Blair Andrew

Is the Heavenly Trio a Trinity? by Brendan Valiant

Jesus Christ the Son of God by Elder D. M Canright

Jesus Christ, the Angel? -Historic Compilation by Ryan Tacklin

Office of the Holy Spirit by David Sims

On the Trail of the Serpent – Part 1 by Phillip Triebskorn (Adventist History on Trinity)

Pantheism-It’s Everywhere! A group email discussion between non-Trinitarian Adventist thought leaders concerning the teachings of the Bible and Ellen White about the Holy Spirit and the Historical Kellogg crisis.

Putting the Pieces Together-Seeming “Difficult” Statements on the Doctrine of the Godhead Harmonized by Nader Mansour

Report of Bible Conference” held in Takoma Park, D.C., July 1-19-W.W. Prescott, A.G Daniels

Review of Glyn Parfitt’s manuscript: “The Trinity, What Has God Revealed” A Collaborative Effort

Seventh-day Adventist 28 Fundamental Beliefs (with final draft notes)

Sin Against the Holy Spirit-SDA Pioneer’s writing on the subject between 1868-1918 Compiled by Ryan Tacklin

“Singing with Real Understanding.” A brief review of changing Adventist Church Hymnals by Blair Andrew

Statement of Belief In the Seventh-day Adventist denomination — 1872-1981 by David Allen

The Dates Usage “HEAVENLY TRIO – THREE PERSONS OF THE “GODHEAD” Terms in SOP compiled by Danny Lauferweiler

The Deity of Christ by Charles Longacre

The Deity of Christ by Charles Longacre, 1947 — Commentary by Dr. Gary Hullquist

The doctrine of the Personality of the Holy Spirit As Taught By The Seventh-day Adventist Church up to 1900—A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary by Christy Mathewson Taylor, August 1953

The Divinity of Jesus Christ — compiled by Pioneer Health and Missions

The Eternal and Self-Existent Son of God by Corey McCain

The Generation of the Son by John V. Dahms (December, 1989)

The Great Commission – Look into how early SDAs understood the words of Jesus Christ regarding Baptism found in Matthew 28:19 compiled by Ryan Tacklin

The Great Controversy in Heaven-SDA Historical View by Ryan Tacklin

The Heavenly Trio Background and Foreground: The Heavenly Trio vis-à-vis The Trinity by Dexter Aldwin M. Perral 

The Johannine Use of Monogenes Reconsidered by John V. Dahms (1983)

The Lunar Sabbath Uncovered – 119 Ministries (non – SDA)

The Omnipresence of God (Angels-God’s omnipresence) by Stephen Bohr

The Subordination of the Son by John V. Dahms (September, 1994)

The Trinity-Truth or Error by Gregory Stief

The Trinity, What is Revealed in the Bible by Blair Andrew

The Truth About the Trinity – In the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy by Ingo Sorke

The Unaccounted Factor: How Criticism Motivated The Adoption of Trinitarian
Theology Within Seventh-day Adventism

Whence Came Satan? Did God Create the Devil? by H. M. Kelly

“Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation” by Arthur L. White, Secretary of the E. G. White Publications

Understanding Where We Stood (Who is right, the pioneers or the modern SDAs?) by David Allen

Various Seventh-day Adventist authors used “Trinity” terms in publications during Ellen White’s lifetime. Compiled by Danny Laufersweiler, edited by Jason Smith

Who is the Comforter in John 14 by David Allen

Who was Melchizedek? Researched content compiled by Ryan Tacklin

What Did Ellen White Say – A Framework for Studying the Words of Ellen White by Brendan Paul Valiant

When Trinity Doesn’t Mean Trinity by Brendan Valiant 

Why I Know the Trinity Teaching is False-An Adventist Perspective by Michael E. Brown, Ph.D